Jafrul Hassan (Shovon)
Executive Director

Jafrul Hassan (Shovon)

Having a wholehearted obsession in volunteering and community services, Jafrul Hassan led various notable projects in Bangladesh. He is serving the House of Volunteer Foundation Bangladesh (HOV, BD) since 2011. He started his journey in (HOV, BD) as a general member of the Dhaka University chapter and currently he is leading the organization as an Executive Director. Throughout his journey, he proved
his leadership capability and work ethic evidently.

He graduated in Accounting from University of Dhaka and built his career in Sales & Marketing at one of the global technology companies. He is passionate about strategic collaboration and application that can bring sustainable impact both in the organization and in the society.

Apart from his family and friends, the three most wonderful discoveries of his life are volunteering, traveling and reading books. He firmly believes that these three forces are the magic bullets for learning new things and creating the eventual happiness for anyone around the world who is fighting for meaningful life.