Global pandemic hit us all over the world. “WHO” teach us to stay safe, stay home. But what if home is not safe at all? Gender equality, pay parity and sexual assault are everywhere. In TV channel news published that Domestic Violence has increased over women. It’s just utmost shocking to me how domestic violence has been normalized for thousands of decades. People, especially women, are the victim of it. We are suffering more from depression and anxiety these days. It’s self-realization that we are fighting against our own family and relatives. Fighting with blood is very difficult. Don’t be scared because the only way to pass this fear is to deal with it legally. I am busy with finding opportunities through the internet. Besides online classes, I have been trying community services in local slum areas  such as awareness of cleanliness, how to deal with covid-19, maintaining social distance and distributing  necessary accessories like soap, mask, hand sanitizer, toilet tissue and so on. I am fortunate enough to know about this opportunity and passionate enough not to miss any opportunity.  Lockdown has made me confident and self-esteemed. I have got an opportunity to know myself better, improve my inner & outer strength and try to help others. Now, I am not wasting time in traffic jams and also saving transportation costs. It has opened a window for me to search for knowledge, ideas,  experience, scholarships, competitions and “youth opportunities” is the essential website for that. I want a Postgrad from abroad. Weak Financial conditions couldn’t hinder my path to success. I have received many certificates from online courses and learned beyond academic studies. Let’s break all barriers.  Following our dreams can lead to a better and peaceful world and contribute to the economy too. The leadership role I play to sharpen myself. I have a dream, and I work hard to fulfill it. The Honorable Prime Minister “Sheikh Hasina” is doing an absolutely fantastic job. Yes, we have achieved Digital Bangladesh. Every educational and other curriculum has turned into online. Global pandemic here but “Bangladeshi knows how to rise from the ashes.” 

Now, I learn how to fight against mental illness. I have been following my dreams hence I built a road to my success. And here, I am optimistic. I refuse to be a bitter lady. I try to remove misconceptions and stereotypes in my surroundings and apply knowledge where I can. I love to encourage others because “When one door closes, another opens”. Acquiring Knowledge is a duty as it doesn’t have any full stop. I am committed to be happy. I strongly believe, the only time you should look back is to see how far you have come. Let’s overcome it together & YES we can. 

Thank You.

Ayesha Alam

University Category



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