Unbearable Quarantine

What a wonderful change this world has taken, the speed of this earth mother has changed. 2020 showed an unknown form of everything known and unknown. Status, instability, equilibrium, etc. showed the use of various scientific words in the field of human health by 2020.

Covid-19 came and distorted the normal balance of the whole world, stopped nature, ruined the normal rhythm of life. How many more new words we got acquainted with called quarantine, isolation. The most important guideline from the World Health Organization is “stay at home, stay in self-quarantine.” Psychological effects are most pronounced in both self-quarantine and institutional.

Experts say this prolonged isolation can have a detrimental effect on people’s mental health.

According to health experts, people are staying at home to deal with the epidemic. However, for those who are involved in regular work, the lockdown is a very difficult time for those who love to travel. Especially in the case of children and the elderly, living in one place has an adverse effect on their mental health. This can lead to anxiety, anger, sleep problems, depression, and even Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

“Fear of losing control and not being able to accept the uncertainty are common symptoms of Anxiety disorder,” said Nicky Leadbetter of NGIT UK, a UK-based mental health organization. Naturally, people are emotionally upset in quarantine. But it is not possible to deal with the epidemic in panic. Scientific research has also shown that those who have more mental strength and energy are recovering much faster. So at this time mental is a very important tool. Most people are scared and make their body and health worse.

So I want to show you how I have maintained my mental stability in quarantine.

(1)  First of all, I have made a routine for myself and I always try to follow that routine. My eating, sleeping, studying, and recreation are all regulated and well-controlled.

(2)  Fear, frustration, annoyance, financial loss cause mental illness while in quarantine. So I try to refrain from these thoughts completely.

(3)  Just as a lot of fake news is spreading online now, so many media outlets are presenting a small incident to the people in a big way. As a result, mental health is deteriorating. So I only collect news from credible media.

(4)  The use of news and media should be controlled as much as possible. Because the horrible news can cause more fear in us. It is better not to know that.

(5)  People never get the pleasure of doing what they like. So I always try to do what I like for a while, so that I can avoid all the other worries.

(6)  We usually feel most secure in our own family. So I try to spend more time with family members, especially parents.

(7)  Your friends can give you the most joy. So I always try to keep in touch with them. Be it through social or by calling normally.

(8)  Since adults can suffer from fear of death, it is important to try to spend more time with them.

(9)  Children should be kept busy in such a way that they do not suffer from loneliness. They are the most sensitive. That is why I am giving utmost importance to the mental stability of my younger siblings.

(10)  Everyone in the family is spending time together playing home games.

Lastly, I would like to say that we can all go through this difficult time and stay healthy by following the rules.


Md. Farhan Gazi
School/ College Student


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