Survival in Time of Corona: Experience of A Bangladeshi Student in the UK

My story starts in early March of 2020. We were on the verge of ending our second semester. The whispering of the corona pandemic was spreading across the University campus from late February. And then the fear came true. A notice of lockdown was implemented in Glasgow in late March. I was living in one of the private students’ accommodation. Flights cancelled, groceries emptied due to panic of people, and I got stuck in my studio apartment with the fear of awaiting danger. The situation seemed worse when I could not manage to find out rice packets in all the leading grocery stores, and to be frank; I was in doubt whether I would be able to survive alone or not.

It was indeed an unexpected situation for me and fellow students. We were trying to cope with the ‘new normal,’ but life was not the same. We could not meet up with each other, we could not hang out in groups like we used to have before, and we had to wait in long queues outside the grocery store alone. Honestly, zoom or other types of video call can never replace the feeling of being together with friends and family. Keeping motivated each other was the biggest challenge in the initial days. Watching the shiny summer days of Glasgow being in a captive state inside the room was even harder for me.

And with the change of time, as soon as the initial lockdown ceased, I decided to return to Bangladesh as I was worried about my beloved family. Since then, I am keeping myself inside the home and continued all University work online. Lockdown here in Bangladesh is not so strict like in the UK, but above all, I feel I am in a better mental state as I am with my family now. Being a sufferer of a lockdown situation, I feel that keeping up psychic strength is vital. Having a family member or closed one by the side can significantly impact our lives.

When I look back, I think I returned in a hurry, I could have explored a lot more in the UK, but life is unpredictable. This corona pandemic also deserves to be taken seriously. Millions of people have lost their lives. So, it is a blessing of God that all my family members, including me in a healthy state till now. I personally sometimes think of career possibilities as the job markets have become uncertain now. Then again, think about the blessings of my health and my family that I got. Also, this lockdown left me ample time to develop all my passionate skills more than ever before.

From the beginning, this year showed me a lot of twist; happiness and sorrow, despair and hope side by side. Life can take unexpected turn anytime. However, I believe that our world will overcome the situation soon, and we will go back to our casual lifestyle again.


Moonmoon Aktar Moon,
MBBS (D.N.M.C), MPH student
University of Glasgow
Session: 2019-20.


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