Staying Positive During COVID-19

Staying positive during the time of COVID-19 pandemic can be challenging, but it’s critical to our mental health and immune system. Due to the hindrances caused by the pandemic, even individuals with the sunniest of outlooks may be having a difficult time staying positive. 

Here are ten things I have been doing to stay positive: 

  1. Practicing gratefulness: 

I keep a diary in which I write about the significant and small items for which I am thankful. Small things are more momentary pleasures, like a hot cup of coffee, a hot bath, a good novel, or a funny meme. I include as much detail into my gratefulness practice as possible. 

    2.Starting my day with a positive routine: 

Morning routines are important to begin with, but even more so during times of crisis. I don’t check the news as soon as I wake up. I do a quick meditation practice, even if it’s only a few minutes long, before I get out of bed.

   3. Slowing down: 

I never rush into things, including any conclusions about information I get from the news or things I hear from family and friends. One of the benefits of social isolation is the ability to pace myself and let go of some usual anxieties. 

  1. Relaxing my body: 

I check-in on my muscles regularly and if I’m tensing up my shoulders, I breathe and try to relax. I have got into the habit of doing quick body scans throughout the day. From my scalp to my toes, I try to be aware of my body, my muscles, and my breathing. 

  1. Exercising:

I do yoga mostly. Aside from its physical benefits, exercising releases endorphins in the body which triggers feelings of positivity, so I make sure to include an exercise routine into my day, even if it’s only a short one. 

     6.Nurturing my digital community: 

Just because we’re all practicing social distancing, it doesn’t mean we can’t stay in touch with our family and friends. I check-in with my friends and reconnect with those I have not heard from for a while.  

     7.Practicing diaphragmatic breathing: 

I think what makes diaphragmatic breathing an excellent meditation exercise is the focus it asks to place on my breath. There are also other benefits like lowering my stress hormone levels, lowering my heart rate, helping me relax, etc.  

     8.Incorporating humor and laughter into my day: 

This is one of the most important steps in improving my positivity and benefiting from a more optimistic disposition. Everything from stimulating organs to lowering stress levels, improving blood circulation, strengthening the immune system, and even relieving physical pain – laughter is the best medicine. 

     9.Walking away from distressful conversations and situations: 

In today’s highly stressful pandemic environment, it is easy to get pulled into negative interactions and exchanges. Recognizing these encounters early on and removing myself from these situations and interactions help me manage my stress and contribute to my positivity. 

     10.Having faith: 

I’m talking about having faith in humanity; in the good in people; in our future; in never giving up until we find the permanent solution to bring this virus to heel. I believe in myself and our endless capacity to love.

Nafisa Siddiqua

University Category



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