COVID-19 has been designated as a Public Health Emergency of International concern by the World Health Organization (WHO). The COVID19 has already affected 213 countries and territories all over the world and has become a pandemic emergency. Quarantine means a period, originally 40days of detention or isolation imposed upon ships, persons, animals or plants on arrival at a port or place when suspected of carrying some infectious or contagious disease. Actually “Home Quarantine”- meaning to separate and restrict the movement of people who were exposed to a contagious disease to see if they sick.

Actually I was also depressed when Covid19 Epidemics appeared in the world. I could not do any work attentively but after some days I can realize the side effects of depressing .So I take some challenges to effective my quarantine day. I am starting to take some valuable course and joining some online platform to build my skill .After six months now I have 80+ online

Valuable Certificate and it’s true that I learnt many innovative things by this time.

Now I will share some activities by which I can keep hold out positive mind in pandemic situation.

The idea of spending weeks in home quarantine can discourage and scare us. However, we can do a lot in the current circumstances to make the time spent together not only tolerable but enjoyable for us and all our family members. Thus

  1. Firstly we have to make a to-do list and start our everyday according to list.
  2. We can try meditation and mindfulness apps.
  3. We can take online classes to improve our learning English and also speaking as well as writing skills.
  4. Spend time with our beloved family members by gossiping and helping with each other.
  5. Use science kits and can research in important topic.  Realize that creative project.
  6. Work on some long term projects.
  7. Study up on revolution and go on a virtual trip.
  8. Read that we’ve had on our shelf for years.
  9. Learn a new hobby, skill.
  10. Set up a home movie theater. Check out hidden gems in Netflix.
  11. Create a budget.
  12. Unleash our creativity in the kitchen and take the time to cook for ourselves.
  13. Declutter home. Keep our house comfortable temperature.
  14. Listen to music and play some brain games.
  15. Stretch and strengthen with yoga.
  16. Plant a container garden.
  17. Write a journal and learn a new language.
  18. Invent something cool.
  19. Catch a free live show.
  20. Speed up internet and also clean up our social media accounts.
  21. Check in with our Networking Contacts.
  22. Update our resume.

And finally just do nothing. Breath, stop and relax: the world isn’t ending-this too will pass.

By this I am sure that you can keep positive mind in that situation.

Nipa Rani Saha


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