No More Struggle In Silence

Covid-19 has changed our day to day life forever. It is now the new normal. Keeping my mind straight has been nothing less than a challenge. 

Human beings are social animals. Social interaction is part of who we are. Keeping ourselves away from our human nature has put a lot of weight on our mental health. Fear, worry, and stress are normal responses to threats and uncertainty such as this pandemic. 


We are experiencing fear and worry about our health and the health of your loved ones. We are continuously stressing about our financial situation. There are Changes in our sleeping, eating habits, and a lot of difficulty in concentrating on our work life.  As a result, both our physical and mental health conditions are declining.


To keep me in good health, I try to keep myself busy in the works I love to do. Because according to some psychologists, when people are in chronic conditions. We should divide the problems into two categories: things we can do something about, and then things we have nothing to do. A to-do list is what I depend on to keep myself distracted.

Despite all the uncertainty, I have got more time to spend with my family and work on other relationship stats. I stay connected with my family, friends, and speak with them regularly.

To reduce my stress level and prevent felling helplessness. I structure my days, take regular breaks, and try to adapt to my daily life to the current situation. 

I have separated my personal and professional activities to maintain efficiency in work-life balance.

I have limited my time to watch the news to keep my peace of mind.

Keeping an energetic devote time for creative activities keeps me in a good mood. I try to keep my mind at peace by staying out of negativity and concentrating on the bright side.

Light, balanced and varied diet to maintain my energy level to boost immunity. I keep a fixed time for sleeping. There is no better way to be less stressed than having a sound sleep. 

Regular exercise helped me a lot to cope with the change.

There may not be any right time to work on my hobbies, brushing out my lacks, and developing new skills.

I have made a list of the things I wanted to do. All the books I wanted to read or the movies I missed.

No matter what the future has to offer. I should not lose my mind. Staying in control or good shape is not always easy. But this is not all bad. A challenging situation like this has allowed new experiences for future benefit.  Just like this, I  make sure me and my loved one’s be positive towards the quarantine and the pandemic.


Farhin Israt Mehrin

University Category



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