It was almost end of March when everything becomes shut down due to pandemic. At first we all thought it wouldn’t be much longer. But gradually the situation became worst which we all know. I looked forward to find things to do which could keep me engaged so that frustration couldn’t overwhelm me in such situation.  

After a long time I sat down with colors I bought when was in school and did Arabic calligraphy on an important verse from Holy book of my religion. Last time I did calligraphy around seven years ago and this lockdown gave me the opportunity to renew my old hobby. The verse I choose to do calligraphy is “So which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?”(AlQuran 55:13).  Isn’t this verse enough to hold the morale of the believers if they think deeply about it? 

Many popular online learning platforms in Bangladesh and around the world have offered free courses during this time of lockdown. I took advantage of this golden opportunity and completed professional courses on Excel and Microsoft on Bangladeshi platform named ‘Bohubrihi’. Then I enrolled myself on courses on leadership and time management on international platform like ‘Coursera’. The courses and assessment system of these courses was really enjoyable and it boosted my confidence. And no matter what negative commenter say about online courses; I can say these courses nothing but just have weighted my experience list. 

I also had passed a great time by cooking new recipes, reading books and so on. 

Basically, I simply shared the things I have done during lockdown. What’s harm if even one person gets inspiration by reading this blog? Every one of us has lots of problem in our own life; but we cannot give up everything, can we? I just want to say it is our free will that can make our short life easy and beautiful. 


Farzana Haque 

University Category



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