Family: A helpful way for keeping a positive attitude in covid-19

Life was busy with work before covid-19. It did not give us much opportunity to spend time with family. Though covid-19 locked ourselves down into the home, it gives us much time and opportunity for spending time with family. When the university declared close, I design a new routine for myself. The main theme of this routine is my family. This routine brings some major changes in my lifestyle.

First change is cooking for my family. I take over the main responsibility of cooking of my family. Every night I plan that what ingredients are available, which items I can cook, what are the new recipes I may try etc. This planning keeps my brain busy, so I do not have much scope for being panicked. I think to prevent negative thoughts it is very important to keep your brain busy with positive or creative thoughts. As my priority is doing something for the loved ones, cooking also gives me positive energy. I am doing something for my family this thought gives me mental peace, as they satisfy about my cooking. This positive thought helped me not to break down in lockdown. 

Second important thing is gossiping with family in leisure time. I prefer spending time with family then being busy with social media. I hear stories from my grandmother. Life was different then from our social media based life. This different lifestyle stories also add some positive thoughts. 

We see news every day. But it has to be just one time a day. Because I think that frequent watching negative new is a big barrier for keeping positive attitude. News also affects me but my strong belief helps me to keep positive attitude. I believe everything happens in this world are following Allah’s order. Covid-19 virus has no power without Allah’s order. So I never panicked because of covid-19. In the news I focus on the number of people who recovered from covid-19. It strengthens my belief that it is just like other deceases. 

Some of my family members got ill in quarantine. They caught fever and cold. The situation was gloomy. To get courage in the situation I saw positive news. For example, the recovery rate of covid-19 in foreign country and also in Bangladesh, what are people doing when they are being affected and how they get well, awareness raising posts on facebook, necessary steps to be taken when they feel any symptoms etc. By seeing those I confirmed the necessary steps for recovering from their illness. I determine that until my family members get better I will be a nurse for them. Within every two hours I prepared any home made medicine for them. In three days most of my family members recovered from their illness. 

Until now I spend most of my time for my family and with my family. This helps me to keep positive attitude. I think it is a great opportunity for us to give some time for our closest people. Do something for the people you love will give you mental peace. When you will be able to create positive environment around you, it will be easier for you to keep positive attitude in any situation. I create a positive environment with my family which is the key to keep positive attitude in covid-19. I am not afraid of covid-19 because written fate is unbreakable. I think fear weaken human being. So they lose before lost. For that reason, I prevent all negative feelings for being positive.

Habiba Akter
University Student


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