COVID-19 – Reason of Cramped Life & Encaged World

It is a harsh truth that the whole world is terribly a sufferer of the “COVID-19” outbreak. And yes, all the countries of the world have to be stuck in this pandemic and we all have to feel the devastating effects of this. 

Corona creates a baffling situation not only in our health but also in our cognition. Since then, the pandemic has spread over the world largely. This unprecedented COVID-19 has caused disruptions to educational and business institutions deeply as it has spread over the world. I am an undergraduate engineering student. As the outbreak is happening, the government has to push everything under “lockdown ” including the campus also. However, due to this pandemic mental health of people of all ages are in danger. Negative psychology, anxiety, depression overall OCDs (Obsessive Compulsive Disorders) deeply impact people’s mental health now and it is enough to kill us mentally. But we can avoid it by “staying positive“. 

Here are some tips for keeping myself mentally positive during this crucial period – 

Have a shaped and formed routine: I maintain a structured routine for passing a meaningful and healthy life. Working time, sleep, exercise everything should be measurable. Chaotic life-leading process is so harmful and responsible for mental stress. 

Skill acquiring & transferring period: Basically, we all have hobbies that give us mental peace like paintings, poetry, technology, cooking, etc. and I think that’s the perfect time picking up anyone and passing the time with it. As I am an engineering student, I am passing my days completing various projects, also trying to learn a new language as it gives me much pleasure. 

Look after time: In this period, I am looking after my parents, sisters, neighbors, and relatives, And it feels better to be with them. So, I think everybody should support and stay with their family now. 

Start a business: Though I am not included, I think who has the dream to start a local business that’s the perfect time. People can start an online business as social distance should be highly maintained. This process will help anyone finding the required products online and a good way of earning sitting at home. 

Take advantage of lockdown: People should keep them productive right now. As I am fond of writing, I keep myself busy in content writing and make myself skillful practicing much. I think everyone should make themselves capable of doing any productive work coping with the post-pandemic world. 

Stay connected with all: I keep myself connected with my friends and colleagues through social media. Thus it helps to lift my spirits and avoid boredom.

Be with nature: I enjoy being with nature, quietness, chirping birds a lot. This time makes me feel in touch with nature. 

Eventually, this pandemic has created great risks in public health,social-economic life, and also in mental health. Though fear and anxiety are natural due to pandemic, we can make ourselves strong believing in the almighty and also keeping a smile in the face with a positive mentality to cope up with these panicky days.

Samia Islam Safa
University Student


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