3 Mindset I adopt during this pandemic to stay positive

We are all facing a noble situation, feeling out of control, stress-filled, sleep-deprived, multiple uncertainties. For the first time in many of our lives, we’re unable to travel wherever we would like and battling the covid-19 pandemic. However, we don’t have control over our life situation right now, but we do have control over our mindset about our lives and what’s happening. We all can either experience anxiety and worry or we can experience peace and calmness, all by how we approach the issues. The choice is ours.

With that said, here are 3 mindset I adopt during this pandemic to remain sane and calm.


I accept my current situation. I accept there’s no point in getting aroused over things I can not control but that’s not mean nothing really fazes me, that’s not mean I’m not upset or concerned. The only difference is I accept to adopting with my situation. I don’t like worrying it feels heavy for me. We all have an incredible gift which is the ability to simply accept and specialise in whatever we would like. Accepting this worst situation helps my mind to focus and be calm because there’s nothing I can do but accept my reality.

Growth Mindset

Positivity is a choice and that’s why I choose to stay in positive. I can’t change my situation but I can change my mind.I can choose to be stressed out or choose to be calm. I get an opportunity to came touch with myself, discovering who I’m not just on a surfaces level to understand about my hobbies, favorite colors, books, movies rater figuring about my deeper desires, core values, beliefs, passion, and purpose. I realise how important it’s to enjoy my very own company and for this reason now I take pleasure in nurturing myself, spent my extra free time with my family, read, write, start my passion project, self-reflect, So much I can do with my free time.


Instead of cursing this situation I attempt to get into a mindset of gratitude like cherish and appreciate the small things, enjoying my time with my garden, playing with my kittens, make a healthy snack and enjoy it slowly, looking at the blue skies, reading old books and journaling my thoughts, things I always took for granted but when I look around everything will become something to be treasured. I attempt to enjoy the present because I don’t know what future holds that’s why I grow a mindset to be grateful what I have now.

All in all, by adopting these 3 mindset I’m trying to ascertain the silver lining amidst the dark clouds, reminiscence Anne Frank words “when there’s hope there’s life” and repeating Andy’s words from Shawshank Redemption “Hope is a good things, maybe the best of things and nogood things ever dies”.

I accept all shortcomings but I’ve decided Life is not so bad after all.

Tasnia Rowshan Azmi


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