Why House of Volunteers organizes Stockholm Junior Water Prize in Bangladesh

Water pollution is one of the major threats to the general well-being of Bangladesh. Drinking water quality is inadequately monitored and tested. In terms of quality of drinking water, Bangladesh ranks 86 out of 142 countries. The source of drinking water, both surface and groundwater coliforms, has been adulterated throughout the country by harmful metals and pesticides. Causes of water pollution in Bangladesh are-

  • Sewage and Solid Waste
  • Industrial Waste and Effluent
  • Inadequate Sanitary Facilities
  • Arsenic Contamination of Ground Water
  • Oil Pollution
  • Global Warming and many more

According to WaterAidBD, though there is an abundance of water in Bangladesh, about 24,000 km of river flows through its fertile land. However, providing safe drinking water for everyone is a complex national problem because of the pollution. More than 4 million people are lacking access to the minimum basic water. More than 85 million people lack the use of ‘minimally basic’ sanitation.

House of Volunteers Bangladesh has focused on this ‘crying need’ of Bangladesh and thought to work on it in a different way. Thus every year, it arranges the First and Only platform for students (15 to 20 years old) to work on water research based project. In order to do that HoVBD works with WaterAidBD and Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) to motivate the water related activities efficiently. Because HoVBD believes that the world is filled with water crises and is needed to be solved anyway. Thus for 5 years HoVBD has been arranging Stockholm Junior Water Prize Bangladesh (SJWPBD).

SJWPBD is a part of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP).  SJWP is organized in Stockholm on World Water Week(WWW) each year. Every year participants from 30 countries join this international competition with their water related, eco friendly, scientific, technological projects. The range of these projects are the solution of local or national or global water problems. SJWP winner receives 15000 USD, blue crystal prize sculpture, diploma and stay in Stockholm as rewards. The current patron of the SJWP is Princess Victoria of Sweden. The national winners get the opportunity to discuss their projects in WWW conference with the conference attendees, researchers, politicians and media. Also the participants have the chance to develop their projects to use as a practical solution to the problems.

This is why HoVBD believes that Bangladeshi young minds must take part in such competition to prove themselves and make a difference in the world.

Sources and causes of water pollution in Bangladesh: A technical overview, Md. Arman Arefin, Avijjit Mallik, https://doi.org/10.3126/bibechana.v15i0.18688




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