Not later, you need to take care of your mental health RIGHT NOW

Esha (pseudonym) a young girl, got admitted into one of the most famous universities in her country. As a fresher, her mindset was to continue her education by focusing on her career. But in the beginning of her first year, her mother died in a car crash. Her parents had divorced when she was a child, and her father lives abroad, so there was really no one to stand beside her in that situation. She already had a breakdown with her mother’s death, but financial problems made her mind devolve into restless thoughts. In her dreams, she went to the site of the car crash and saw her mother’s melancholy eyes. This state brought her to insomnia, and as a result, she couldn’t concentrate at work. One day, she tried to commit suicide as she felt like she couldn’t live her life like a helpless person. But thankfully she got saved by one of her dorm roommates. When she was asked by the doctor why she had chosen this option without sharing her problems with anyone, she just said that her friends or other people did not have time to listen.

In this age of social media and Internet, people flaunt good things happening in into their lives, but not the bad: depression, anxiety and sadness. So if you are sad or depressed, you feel alone, isolated — the only unhappy person surrounded by an exaggerated projection of happiness. We do not share with people because we think they don’t have time or they can’t solve the problem. But that is not the only problem. So you are left to figure it out by yourself that you are going through a stage of depression, and that it will end soon. If it is harmful to your health. Then you can share with anyone – any friend, teacher, consultant, family member, anyone! But death is never an option for ending your depression. We only live once, so live your life to the fullest. Do not give in to sadness or hopelessness because something bad happened in your life. Divert your mind by reading positive articles, fiction, watching movies, listening to music. Share your thoughts and try to move on with the new hope like the first rays of sun in the morning.

Anica Tahsin
General Member
House of Volunteers – DU Chapter


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