Youth Awareness on Water and Sanitation Program

Mission: Involving  adolescents in UNICEF’s WASH project to advance SDG6 goals.
Vision: The program’s goal is to educate young people so they can help change people’s views about cleanliness, sanitation, and the pressing problems with water management today.


House of Volunteers, ITN-BUET worked together to organize “Youth Awareness on Water and Sanitation Program” and it was supported by UNICEF. The program started with a half-day session in BUET – ITN where participants received in-depth training on water and sanitation. The following day, the participants went on a field trip to the Sakhipur Co-compost Plant   in Tangail Municipality, where they gained knowledge through hands-on experience. Experts from partners provided support for the entire program. After that participants received certificates after submitting reports. The beginning of the program was a good start. We are eager to use the program more in the future.