The 2nd training session of SJWPBD Student Ambassador Program (SAP) 2024

The most anticipated 2nd training session of SAP under the Bangladesh Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWPBD) was materialised on Zoom at 7.00 pm on 29th December, 2023.

The main purpose of this session was to sharpen the formal writing skills of the ambassadors and open horizons for them to refine their expertise.

This session was facilitated by Md. Badruddin Saify, Senior Research Assistant, ARK Foundation; and Former General Secretary, House of Volunteers, Dhaka University Chapter (HOV- DU). The leaders, co-leaders and ambassadors were directed by the professional mentor to hone their materialistic skills and prowess. Moreover, the
Executive Officer of the House of Volunteers Foundation- Sadia Tasnim was present.

Formal writing is a necessary skill for any individual. The mentor focused on topics that would help the ambassadors in this journey. He discussed the dos and don’ts of formal email writing, report writing and the popular topic of plagiarism. The outline, grammar and mechanics of formal writing was given importance in his speech.

SAP is a Student Ambassador Program where the ambassadors work as a representative and they engage in a 6 month long volunteer program, focused on promoting SJWPBD. Apart from this true objective, SAP is an extraordinary chance for the ambassadors to hone their soft skills. The training sessions are designed to equip them with necessary skills. It is an opportunity to show their inherent abilities and enlighten them to nurture themselves as exquisite leaders.