Menstrual Health Management

Menstruation is a monthly reality for billions of adolescent girls, women, transgender people, and non-binary people worldwide. In Bangladesh, adolescent girls are still unaware of menstruation. According to one study of adolescent girls, 36% had heard about menstruation before the onset of menarche! They face significant difficulties in managing their periods. It has an impact on the education and participation of adolescent girls. Myths, stigma, and harmful gender norms surrounding menstruation exacerbate their difficulties worldwide. Menstrual hygiene, which is an important indicator in the national hygiene context, is almost completely ignored within the sphere of stigma associated with menstruation. ITN-BUET and House of Volunteers want to stress how important it is for young adolescent girls to take care of their menstrual hygiene and hold a sensitization session with WASH stakeholders.


The objective of this program is to provide adequate information about menstrual hygiene management, to listen to their real-life problems that they are unable to share with anyone, and to break the stigmas associated with menstruation.


The session on menstrual hygiene management was provided to adolescent girls of Bangladeshi school students. The sessions were conducted on 13th inside Dhaka at Udayan Uchcha Madhyamik Bidyalaya, 22th outside Dhaka at Bibi Marium High School and Narayanganj Ideal School and 27th October. Based upon follow up activity of participants, pre-test, post-test and the feedback from participants the program was regarded as successful, relevant and deepen their knowledge level. The participants were shared their struggles and quarries regarding menstrual hygiene manage with the facilitators

169 participants from four different schools of Bangladesh as mentioned earlier participated in the training. The participants demanded more sessions regarding this issue. Hence participants are committed to participate the approach in future.[/themesflat_imagebox][/vc_column][/vc_row]