HoV Joins Global Climate Strike

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg and 46 other activists started a fight against climate change earlier this year. They announced (20-27th) of September as Global Climate Strike week. Climate change is a burning issue now-a days. The lung of our world; Amazon is burning, oceans are being polluted and the height of sea level are increasing day by day. All these things are happening because of our unconsciousness. We human beings are not enough concern about our mother earth. This climate strike conveys us a message that it’s high time we took initiative to solve this problem. Millions of people are joining to this movement to stop damaging of our ecosystems.

On 24th September 2019, Network on Climate Change, Bangladesh(NCC,B) arranged for a human chain in front of National Press Club.

From left HoV,BD member Maisha Ahsan Momo, HoV,DU member Shammatul Islam Shamma at middle & HoV,DU member Towhida Nasrin Trisha at the right.

Many renowned organization across the country attended to this Human Chain. Dhaka is one of the most polluted cities in the world. Rapid urbanization is the main cause of these pollutions. The representatives of these organizations talked about making Dhaka a better city. How education can help to solve this problem and how we can invest for changing – they also discussed about that. Speakers from different organizations emphasized to the point of self-awareness. The main theme of House of Volunteers Bangladesh Foundation was “Educate Enforce and Finance to save the climate now”. To solve climate problem, it is must to educate the people about climate change, formulate laws and enforce them and obviously involve finance with it.

It’s our duty to make our new generation conscious about environment. They said that if everyone does his little part, it’s not very hard to make a change. The main focus of the human chain was to express solidarity with the Global Climate strike. Along with these voluntary organizations, people came with their children. Because they are the future of our country. We have not enough time to think but it’s better late than never.