“Connect and Reflect: A Conversation on Emotional Intelligence in Relationships”, mental health session by GRACE

GRACE- A Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing Program is an initiative House of Volunteers Foundation Bangladesh to promote mental health awareness and well-being among the youth in Bangladesh. 

To move one step towards the vision of providing low cost and no cost mental health wellbeing support, a mental health session, “Connect and Reflect: A Conversation on Emotional Intelligence in Relationships” was arranged by GRACE on 11th November 2023. In this session, the terms that were addressed are-  Controlling emotions and balancing correlative relationships. This session was conducted by Faysal Ahmed Rafi, Founder and chief consultant, Faysal Rafi & Associates.

According to the report published by BSMMU, almost half of the population of Bangladesh is subjected to mental health problems. The suicide rate has significantly risen among young generation. Most of them are university students. But what are the issues that are making them suicidal? The most relatable reasons found are- Personal emotions, love and relationship problems. Overwhelming emotions and failure to arrange them have amounted to such mental health problems. That is why, such a session by GRACE was arranged so that the young generation can learn how to control their relationships positively and also maintain relationships.

In this session, more than 2000 people directly & indirectly interacted through social media and other promotions. More than 180 participants had registered and 50 participants attended the session. The participants were very interactive throughout the session and they learned how to control and balance their emotions and relationships. Many participants expressed that this session helped them to understand their own mental situations and how to cope up with them. Also, they could interact and share their experience, pain with each other. Their response to this session was positive. Therefore, GRACE is hopeful that it could provide help for people that they need for their mental health and teach them to open new horizons for themselves.


Contributor: Jannatul Mawa Suchi

Contact: Sadia Tasnim (Executive officer, HOV)

Email: sadiatasnim1513@gmail.com

Mobile: +8801521317844