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Sep 21th 13
HOV 2nd Earthquake Awareness School Campaign
 HOV holds it's 2nd Earthquake Awareness School Campaign on 21 September, 2013. Conducted 6 sessions...
Sep 17th 13
HOV got Radio City FM 96.0 as Media Partner
HOV Bangladesh signed MoU with Radio City FM 96.0 on 19 Sept, 2013. Under this agreement Radio City w...
Sep 17th 13
4th Volunteer Presenter Workshop for EAP
HOV organized 4th Volunteer Presenter workshop on 17 September, 2013 at 5pmat BRAC University Campus...
Aug 24th 13
HoV Volunteer Presenter Workshop for Dhaka University Students
3rd Workshop for Volunteer Presenter for “Earthquake Awareness Program for School Going Children” was hel...
Apr 13th 13
HOV Got EMK Small Grant for Earthquake Awareness Program
HOV has been awarded “Edward M. Kennedy Small Grant for Public Service and the Arts – 2013” by the EMK Ce...
E-Curriculum for Bangladesh
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Students in Bangladesh (as is the case in many other developing countries) have a tendency of memorizing equations and paragraphs without proper understanding. This counterproductive practice stems mainly from the lack of adequate facilities (no labs, computers etc.) and the acute shortage of qualified teachers in high schools. iSchool tries to come up with a sustainable and cost effective solution to this problem.

The core task is to supplement the already existing education curricula (of the National Board of Education in Bangladesh) by creating an interactive virtual lecture series (containing animations of various concepts, integrated video clips of various experiments, processes, lab videos, video shots from interactive software etc.) that will be in direct reference to the standardized textbooks.

The input to the students will be multi fold as opposed to just having a teacher explaining text in a traditional sense. There will be a background voice explaining the textbook materials in a chronological manner (think of it as a audio lecture available in both Bengali and English). The audio will in in phase with various experiments, animations and assorted video shots from various interactive software to provide further stimuli to the students. The emphasis is clearly on the real life viewing of labs and the various experiments carried out in labs. Most of the lecture series will be compiled and edited at MIT.


The iSchool program began in 2008 under the stewardship of Raqeebul Islam Ketan, MIT '11. He received the MIT PSC fellowship to implement iSchool.

Quick Facts

  • iSchool will create an interactive virtual lecture series (animations of various concepts, integrated video clips of various experiments, processes, lab videos, video shots from interactive software etc.)
  • iSchool compilation will be stored in video discs (VCD) for viewing purpose to the students in Bangladesh. This will require a VCD player and a television as opposed to the much more expensive alternative of using a computer.
  • All students in Bangladesh under the national curriculum use the same set of textbooks.
  • We would like to provide a one time scholarship to the extraordinary few students to continue the project.


  • Raqeebul I Ketan - Project leader (MIT PSC fellow)
  • Sudipta Sarkar - Project Superviser